Networking Event Series: Investing in Water

For a long time, water has been somewhat overlooked as carbon and net-zero journeys have dominated the headlines. But the tide is turning, with this most fundamental resource gaining greater […]

Thematic Event: Carbon as Currency?

Despite pledges and international agreements, global carbon emissions are still on the rise. In order to come anywhere near reaching the 1.5 goal of the Paris Climate Agreement, rethinking of […]

Navigating the Paradigm Shift: Empowering Leaders for Sustainable Transformation

“Leaders must be able to effectively integrate sustainability into organisational strategy & operations, leveraging a sustainable mindset to drive the transformation needed.”

– Claire Simier, Forbes

For lasting progress to be made, the business case for sustainability needs to be embedded throughout an organisation. Here, Sustainability Managers and CSOs have key roles to play, changing mindsets and making the case in the boardroom and beyond. Join us and event partners Pragmatic Solutions, PVL Partners and University of St.Gallen as we explore success cases, practical insights, and effective strategies to drive meaningful change.

Social Event: Climate Apéro / Summer Drinks

This event is now sold out. To add your name to the Waiting List, please click here. Changemaker communities come together! GreenBuzz Zurich, One Planet Lab, and Impact Hub Zürich […]

Networking Event: Sustainability Expert Speed Meeting

GreenBuzz and One Planet Lab are bringing together leading experts and organisations to tackle sustainability challenges head-on. In a speed meeting format with specially selected sustainability experts, areas addressed will include carbon reporting, AI for good, and combating greenwashing.

Social Event: Buzzing at DAR!

Important note: The event is free for all to join; food and drinks are not included. This event is now sold out; to add your name to the Waiting List, […]

Thematic Event: Sustainable Futures Powered by AI

Companies worldwide are increasingly turning to AI as a powerful ally in their commitment to environmental responsibility. From optimising energy consumption to streamlining supply chains, AI enables businesses to make […]

Social Event: Buzzing at DAR!

Important note: The event is free for all to join; food and drinks are not included. Whether you’ve met someone at a GreenBuzz event and would like to reconnect, or […]