Meet our new Main Partner: ecoinvent!

February 1st –

We are very excited to introduce our new main partner to you: ecoinvent!

“ecoinvent is pleased to partner with GreenBuzz Zurich. This partnership is a great way to support our vibrant local sustainability community and to build relationships with passionate professionals and like minded organisations. GreenBuzz events are a melting pot of ideas, questions, and insights about the development and implementation of sustainable practices. ecoinvent is looking forward to enriching this inspiring network.” – Nic Meyer, CEO of ecoinvent

ecoinvent is a not-for-profit association based in Zurich that is dedicated to ensuring the availability of high-quality data for sustainability assessments. With the mission to promote and support the use of environmental data worldwide, ecoinvent focuses on Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data compilation, linking and distribution, as well as data and database management. Its main activity is the publication of the ecoinvent database, which is used worldwide as a background database in Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) and contains more than 18,000 datasets modelling human activities or processes.

Other activities include leading, or participating in, data management projects and initiatives worldwide. ecoinvent also coordinates, or collaborates on, initiatives aiming to promote awareness of, and good practices in, the creation and use of life cycle inventories around the world. With the strong belief that people all around the world should have access to high-quality, affordable data for environmental assessments, ecoinvent works with policy-makers, private enterprises, NGOs, and the academic community globally.

Find more information about ecoinvent here.

Learn more about the ecoinvent database here.

Welcome to the buzz! We are delighted to have you as partners and are looking forward to our joint activities in the future!