Meet our new Corporate Member: Breitling!

October 10th –

We are delighted to introduce you to our newest corporate member: Breitling!

“Green Buzz is the place to be for our local Zurich area sustainability community. At Breitling, we strive to do everything we can within our sphere of influence and our corporate membership is a great way to also support our local sustainability ecosystem.” – Aurelia Figueroa, Global Head of Sustainability, Breitling

As a manufacturer of luxury watches, Breitling creates products that offer casual, inclusive and sustainable luxury and reflect the real aspirations of today’s consumers. In doing so, Breitling endeavours to optimize the social and environmental impact of their business under the five pillars of product, planet, people, process and prosperity. This means the following:

  • Product: Breitling is continually looking for ways to improve the positive social and environmental impact of their products by creating positive impact along their value chain. 
  • Planet: Breitling takes action on climate change through measuring, mitigating & neutralizing the environmental impacts.
  • People: To bring the SDGs to life, Breitling is engaging its employees on the topic of sustainability
  • Process: Sustainability annual mission reports on progress continue to provide meaningful transparency.
  • Prosperity: Breitling promotes the creation of shared values between business and the wider society through operating with conscience and accountability.

Find more information here: Sustainability Website Breitling

Welcome to the Buzz! We are looking forward to our joint activities in the future!