Meet our Member, Alexis Balimann!

March 6th,

In January, Alexis joined GreenBuzz as a member, and we are happy to share his commitment to sustainability both professionally and personally with you.

Alexis is the co-founder of Bouteka, a small startup that has a big vision. Their primary goal is to sell locally sourced, organic, and package-free fruit and vegetable baskets that promote a healthy lifestyle while also prioritizing the planet’s health. Driven by a strong environmental consciousness and a desire to make a positive impact, Bouteka was founded with the belief that every individual can contribute to a sustainable future. 

Alexis is also a board member of Swiss Youth for Climate (SYFC), where he is actively involved in climate advocacy and lobbying. 

Sustainability is not just a cause for Alexis, it is a way of life. He is committed to incorporating it into his daily routine, studies, and believes that it is the greatest challenge facing his generation.

Welcome to the GreenBuzz community, Alexis!