GreenBusiness Sprints

Accelerate sustainability progress through peer‑to‑peer learning and knowledge sharing.
GreenBusiness Sprints are problem-solving group sessions customised to the problem owner’s challenge, curated & facilitated by GreenBuzz.
How it works
The Challenge

Your company approaches GreenBuzz with a specific sustainability challenge or wicked problem (e.g. a current need, a problem, a roadblock, topic or expertise input, product or service development). GreenBuzz
supports you in formulating your

The Session

GreenBuzz chooses from our broad and diverse network, 5-6 professionals to join the specific GreenBusiness Sprint. These carefully chosen experts bring various backgrounds that align with the unique requirements of the challenge, ensuring a blend of experience and knowledge relevant to the task at hand.

The Follow up

After the session, GreenBuzz follows up to check if your needs were met and the problem was solved. There is an option to have a virtual follow-up to track progress and keep connected with the group who are all working in this area. GreenBuzz uses its communication channels to share success stories and give the problem owner more visibility.

Impact to date

We have brought together over 100 experts from our network to share experience and advise on important topics companies are facing including:

    – Launching sustainable businesses in a crowded market place

    – TNFD risk analysis by asset managers

    – How can consultancies accelerate sustainability adoption

    – How to engage employees to drive sustainability progress

    – How to market regenerative agriculture to consumers

Why with GreenBuzz?

Through our diverse network, we have access to 6,500+ changemakers and sustainability experts from across all sectors and backgrounds. Therefore, we can match problem owners with people they wouldn’t otherwise cross paths with. Furthermore, the participants of our group sessions are not consultants (except when it makes sense) but actual practitioners working on the same or similar challenges, problems, issues as you as the problem owners. This makes them the perfect sparring partners. GreenBuzz has over 10 years of experience in running events and workshops with a strong focus on corporate sustainability.

If you'd like us to organise a GreenBusiness Sprint for you, please contact:

Johannes Pokorny | Managing Director

Feedback from our partners
I feel that this format was exceptional. The small group size allowed for truly interactive discussions and interactions. The format was clearly presented, and the moderator did an excellent job of keeping us on time and helping to guide and steer the conversations around the specific challenges. Excellent.
Katy Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Sundays
The sprint brings together a well selected array of relevant stakeholders. Together with the essential facilitation this allows to dive deep with very little preparation time, resulting in a valuable outcome for all participants.
Dr. Philipp Staudacher, radicant bank ag