GreenBusiness Sprint – Collaborating for Sustainability Success

The deadline for applications has ended. Green Business Sprint: Solving Sustainability Challenges Together Join us for an interactive GreenBusiness Sprint in collaboration with the One Planet Lab. Sustainability champions will come together to tackle pressing sustainability challenges. This event will foster collaboration, creativity, and innovation as we collectively seek solutions for a sustainable future. Event […]

Thematic Event: Digitalisation – Climate Killer or Climate Protector?

Technology will continue to transform our lives, and the growth of businesses will depend upon it. Digitalisation has seen a huge jump triggered by the Covid crisis. Millions of businesses around the world have transformed and digitized at a hyper pace. But where there’s light there’s usually dark, too. So what are the good and […]

Informal Drinks – Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) refers to a range of technologies that combat climate change by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2). The idea behind CCS is to capture the CO2 combustion of fossil fuels before it escapes into the atmosphere, transporting it, and eventually storing it. New questions arise: What should/ will happen […]

Networking Event Series – Towards Net Zero

This event is part of our Networking Event Series powered by Innosuisse. The latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has once again made it clear that we must act collectively now to prevent the worst consequences of climate change. As governments around the world introduce new regulations to reduce CO2 emissions, […]

Thematic Event: Sustainable Construction – Buildings Meet the Circular Economy

We spend most of our time inside and depend on buildings to provide these environments for us. However, we have little to no influence over how the buildings we live in are built. So we have to rely on the companies that construct them to consider sustainable practices and innovations. Unfortunately, sustainability and circular economy […]

Networking Event Series – Excursion to Polestar

This event is part of our Networking Event Series – Towards Net Zero powered by Innosuisse. We are delighted that Polestar are exclusively opening their doors to GreenBuzz to share with us their journey towards net zero and the concrete actions that they are already taking. Following the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on […]

Thematic Event: Cryptocurrency & Sustainability – A Contradiction in Terms?

Switzerland has been one of the leading players in the global adoption of tokenized digital assets and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). With people being able to use cryptocurrency to pay anything from a restaurant visit to their taxes the possibilities seem endless. But with all the opportunities that these digital currency alternatives seem to present, […]

SOLD OUT – Excursion: Kunsthaus – A Guided Tour Through Earth Beats

We will start with a tour through the exhibition of Earth Beats followed by some drinks at the Kunsthausbar to reflect on the exhibition, get to know each other and do some networking. ‘Earth Beats’ is an artists’ plea to preserve the Earth and its natural resources, born out of the urgency of the present […]

SOLD OUT – Thematic Event: EU Taxonomy & Greenwashing

“Green” investment products are on the surge, and the trend is growing. As sustainable investing moves to the new normal, we discuss how the EU taxonomy has provided the necessary framework to help investors evaluate the environmental impact of their investments. The EU taxonomy is part of the EU Action Plan that includes a number […]

Informal Drinks – The Road to Carbon-Free Energy

Join us for these Informal Drinks after work on March 17th to discuss how we can shift to carbon-free energy! Electrification is critical to decarbonise various sectors. However, it is not enough anymore for a company to claim that they use 100% renewable energy as that does not necessarily equate to carbon-free energy. Each hour […]

Networking Event Series – Climate-Friendly Farming

This event is part of our Networking Event Series powered by Innosuisse! Agriculture is responsible for 10% of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and is a huge driver of environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. It is clear that the sector needs to be transformed. The challenge will be that, if we want to feed a growing […]

Thematic Event: The Sharing Economy – Moving Beyond Ownership

The sharing economy has been part of our everyday lives for over a decade and it shows no signs of slowing down. In a world where goods are readily available and people have long associated identity with ownership, many are now turning to a different form of asset utilisation. Thanks to technology, the internet and […]

Workshop: Five Steps to Engage your Employees with Sustainability

Many companies are investing huge amounts in external messaging about sustainability without looking internally and bringing their own workforce on board. Nowadays, your employees & co-workers are highly knowledgeable and expect more. Companies across the globe are evidencing employees leaving their jobs in search of more purpose, inspiration, alignment and authenticity. Employees are increasingly committed […]

Networking Event Series: Excursion to Umami

This event is part of our Networking Event Series powered by Innosiusse. Are you interested in seeing urban farming in practice right in the heart of the city of Zurich? And on top of that enjoy an Apéro Riche with a group of sustainability enthusiasts from the GreenBuzz network? UMAMI produce healthy, pure, natural microgreens, […]

Members & Partners Event: Forests and Climate in Art

We invite our partners and members to an exclusive GreenBuzz event to discuss the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report and the role of forests in climate mitigation through the medium of art! Together, we will explore the art displayed at the special exhibition ‘In the Forests’ at the Landesmuseum Zurich, which tells of the forest’s history, […]

Thematic Event: Sustainable Business Travel

How can business travel be more sustainable in a post-covid world? Whilst we see a rise in virtual meetings, there is a huge appetite for humans to build business relationships in person and re-start regular business travel. Some ideas exist – fewer longer trips, attaching holidays to business trips, offsetting emissions. What more can be […]

Thematic Event: Sustainable Energy System – Who Will Lead the Way?

Technical innovation, massive business model change and societal adaptation are inevitable if we are to build a sustainable energy system. But how do we get there? What steps should we take? And who will lead the way? We dive into this topic and take an interdisciplinary approach with our event partner, the Energy Science Center […]