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In our ever-evolving world, sustainability isn’t merely a buzzword; it’s a necessity. As we embark on a new year, the importance of sustainability has never been more important.

Join us at our 2024 New Year’s Event, where we will delve into the most critical sustainability trends shaping the upcoming year. This event serves as an opportunity to reflect on the lessons of the past year and project forward, examining the continually evolving landscape of sustainability.

Engage in group discussions covering a diverse range of sustainability topics, with each session led by experts in their respective fields. In 2024 GreenBuzz will focus on tackling challenge and complexity, let’s get into the details of these topics and identify where we can move forward in these areas. Participate to gain valuable insights into emerging trends and strategies that will impact your industry and organization in 2024.

You can choose from topics such as:

  • Circular Economy –  moderated by Vincent Metzler (EY)
  • Sustainable Finance and Investment – moderated by Stephanie Arnold (EY)
  • Sustainability Reporting and Compliance – moderated by Stephan Hirschi and Fridolin Brand (EY)
  • Climate Change: Emissions Reduction and Net Zero Roadmaps – moderated by Benjamin Teufel (EY)
  • Biodiversity and Nature – moderated by Katerina Zuber (EY)
  • Human Rights: Equality, Migration, and Health – moderated by Dominik Haupt (CYH)
  • Value Creation Through Sustainability – moderated by Carmen Sprus (EY)
  • Food and Agriculture – moderated by Paul Giesebrecht (EY)
  • Tourism, Travel, and Mobility – moderated by Alexie Dunker Grosse (S&P Global)
  • Construction and Buildings – moderated by Christina Nakhle (EY)

Our New Year’s event provides an open forum for sharing your thoughts on the overarching sustainability trends for the year ahead. Your insights will directly influence our GreenBuzz 2024 calendar, shaping the dialogue and actions for the coming year.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, experts, and thought leaders in the sustainability sphere. Let’s come together, learn from one another, and take actionable steps toward a more sustainable future!


18:00 – 18:30


18:30 – 18:55

Welcome by GreenBuzz and Keynote Input by Benjamin Teufel

19:00 – 19:30

Breakout session 1

19:30 – 19:45


19:45 – 20:20

Breakout session 2

20:20 – 21:30

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