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GreenBusiness Sprint – Collaborating for Sustainability Success

15 November, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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Green Business Sprint: Solving Sustainability Challenges Together

Join us for an interactive GreenBusiness Sprint in collaboration with the One Planet Lab. Sustainability champions will come together to tackle pressing sustainability challenges. This event will foster collaboration, creativity, and innovation as we collectively seek solutions for a sustainable future.

Event Highlights:

Parallel Sessions with Expert Moderators:

During the GreenBusiness Sprint, we will have four simultaneous sessions, each focusing on a specific sustainability challenge. Our expert facilitators, will guide and encourage participants to brainstorm ideas, share insights, and propose practical solutions.

Meaningful Sustainability Challenges:

The sessions will be centered around real-world sustainability challenges faced by businesses and organizations. Participants will have the opportunity to apply their expertise and knowledge to develop innovative strategies that address these challenges head-on.

Targeted Invitations:

To ensure an engaging and impactful event, participants will be carefully selected based on their relevant experience and expertise in the topics under discussion. We will bring together a diverse group of professionals, representing different industries, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Networking and Collaboration:

The GreenBusiness Sprint is more than just a series of workshops; it’s a platform for meaningful connections and collaboration. Engage with like-minded individuals, build your professional network, and exchange ideas that can drive positive change.


Session 1: Employee Engagement

Topic owner: Eva Carranza, Hexagon

Challenge: How can we continually engage employees to drive corporate and personal sustainability progress

Critical questions: 

  • What motivators can encourage employees to actively participate in sustainability-related activities, including corporate volunteering and daily work responsibilities?
  • How can we embed sustainability into our company culture?


Session 2: Engaging with companies on nature capital and biodiversity

Topic owner: Camilla Leopoldino, Vontobel

Challenge: Based on the TNFD framework, investors need to understand how much companies depend on nature services, what risks they run and evaluate their impact on biodiversity. This collection and assimilation of qualitative and quantitative data is time-consuming and difficult to source.

Critical questions

  • How do we get away from ESG jargon and use a common vocabulary?
  • How can we efficiently get meaningful data from investor relations? 


Session 3: How can consultancies accelerate sustainability adoption

Topic owner: Philipp Schaltegger, PVL Partners

Challenge: How can consultancies accelerate the adoption of sustainability practices and transformation among businesses?

Critical questions:

  • What are key motivators for transformation and how can we influence these from different perspectives?
  • What is the role that a consultancy can uniquely play?
  • What knowledge is missing from businesses that consultancies can provide?


Session 4: Sustainability in a crowded market place

Topic owner: Katy Lee, Sundays.

Challenge: How can a sustainable business enter an established marketplace and convince people to switch to a more sustainable product.

Critical questions

  • How can you quantify and communicate the environmental benefits?
  • What partnerships or collaborations can enhance your credibility?
  • What are the unique selling points (USPs) of the sustainable product? 
  • What is your pricing strategy? 


15 November, 2023
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Pfingstweidstrasse 16
Zurich, 8005 Switzerland
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