Past Contributors

At every event, we bring together a diverse and knowledgeable range of speakers from various sectors, including corporations, public offices, research institutions, and entrepreneurs. By attending our events and webinars, you will have the opportunity to hear from these experts and engage in thought-provoking discussions. You will gain insights into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in sustainability, and learn how you can make a positive impact in your own life and work.

Here are some of the recent contributors to our events:
Lana Ollier
Head Global Sustainability at HUBER +SUHNER
Gemma Sanchez-Danes
Leadership Team, Sustainability Reporting, EFRAG
Rosa Sangiorgio
Head of Sustainability, Pictet Wealth Management
Peter Paul van de Wijs
Chief Policy Officer,Global Reporting Initiative
Dr. Florian Hoos
Professor of ESG Accounting, IMD
Ingrid Beutler
Co-Founder, Sustainable Mountain Alliance
Stephanie Feeney
Chief Growth Officer, Restor
Elisabeth Stern
Jonathan Normand
Founder of B Lab Switzerland
Chris Luebkeman
Office of the President, ETH Zürich; Founder [y]our2040
Magali Anderson
Board Member, Anglo American; ex-Holcim CSO
Oliver Brunschwiler
Ex-CEO of FREITAG; Chief Innovation Officer,EBP
Nathalie Flores
Vice-Chair, UN Climate Change Science & Technology Body
Pina Schlombs
Sustainability Lead, Siemens Digital Industries Software
Tine Petric
Analytics & AI GTM Lead, Microsoft Switzerland
Steffen Ehrhardt
Vice President, SICTIC
Mateja Kramar
Research & Innovation, ETH AI Center
Erik Gloerfeld
Co-Founder, Inyova
Judith Capello
Sustainability Coordinator at Alternative Bank Schweiz
Dr. Stephanie Bilo
Chief Client & Investment Solutions Officer at responsAbility
Marco Clemente
Professor of Sustainability & Management at ZHAW
Vanessa Mueller
Managing Director at ClimatePartner
Pawel Karbowski
Head of HR at ecoinvent
Agathe Dreyer
Senior Consultant Finance & Sustainability at LHH
Adrian Kyburz
Director PMO & Engagement, Sustainability and ESG Office at Novartis
Rob Wyse
Climate and Nature Manager at Zurich Insurance
Qendresa Rugova
Managing Director at Enfinit
Vera Sokulskyj
Head of Issuer Relations at SIX
Christoph Baumann
Envoy for Sustainable Finance, Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance
Antonio Carrillo
Vice President Sustainability at Holcim
Christian Reuss
Head of SIX Swiss Exchange
Benjamin Teufel
Head of Sustainability at EY
Dr. Marina Gonzalez Vaya
Head of New Technology at Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich
Isabelle Schindler
Founder of 2nd Peak
Jonathan Demierre
Head of Development, Sustainability Engineering at Helbling Technik
Nils Moussu
Program Manager Circular Economy at sanu durabilitas
Anne de Chastonay
Product Manager, Geospatial Analytics at RepRisk
Florian Oeschger
Advisor Sustainable Finance at WWF
Philipp Staudacher
SDG Research Nature & Biodiversity at radicant bank
Rachel Brooks
Head of Executive Education at the University of St. Gallen (CSI-HSG)
Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead
Co-Founder & Chair of the Fair Wage Network
Ally Wong
Sustainable Investing/ESG Researcher at Robeco
Luis Alvarado Martinez
Head of GAEA at the World Economic Forum
Catalina Jaime
Head of Climate and Conflict at the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
Patrick Youssef
Regional Director - Africa at the International Committee of the Red Cross
Nickolas Meyer
CEO of ecoinvent
Matteo Trachsel
Head of Sustainability at Thermoplan AG
Baptiste Carriere-Pradal
Co-Founder of 2BPolicy
Simone Thompson
Co-Founder of CLIMADA Technologies
Res Witschi
Delegate for Sustainable Digitisation at Swisscom
Thomas Gereke
Senior Consultant e-Mobility at Siemens
Clarissa Livingston
Researcher and Project Coordinator for the D-BAUG Lighthouse Project “E-Bike City” at ETH
Henry Kulla
Global Sustainability Manager at ABB Robotics
Lisa Bolin
Climate Lead at Polestar
Leigh Pezzicara
VP Sustainability Officer at La Prairie
Kimberly Liu
Sustainability Director at La Prairie
Elaine Pearson
Asia Director at Human Rights Watch
Martina Bühler
Co-Founder of Greenwishing
Cybèle Schneider
Climate Justice Advisor at HEKS
Gaudenz Biveroni
Founder of ImpactCareers
Katrin Voegeli
Sustainable Finance Specialist at UBS
Marie Tournant
Finance Manager at Barry Callebaut & CFO at Qaptis
Stephan Hirschi
Partner EY Sustainability
Stephanie Bischof
Managing Director at Airfix
Sabine Loetscher
Board Member, Impact Investor & Senior Sustainability Strategist at Quantis
Sarah Vowles
Director, Sustainability & Corporate Communications at Tecan
Nico Frey
Head of SDG Impact Rating at radicant bank
Martijn Sonnevelt
Executive Director at ETHZ World Food System Center
Andrew Douglas
Institutional Programs Manager at the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP)
Cornis Van Der Lugt
Senior Manager at S&P Global, Sustainable1
Satwik Mudgal
Principal Sustainability Strategist at Quantis
Flavia Zimmermann
Sustainability Manager at Siemens
Gerrit Sindermann
Deputy Executive Director at Green Digital Finance Alliance
Ion Karagounis
Lead New Economic Models and Future Affairs at WWF
Franka Bosman
Sustainability Manager at AXA
Till Kellerhoff
Program Director at the Club of Rome & Coordinator of the Earth4All Initiative
Mahendra Gunasekera
Senior ESG Officer at responsAbility
Aurelia Figueroa
Global Head of Sustainability at Breitling
Andrea Graber
Project Associate at myclimate
Lene Petersen
Senior Manager Climate & Business at WWF Switzerland
Antonio Carrillo
SBTi Technical Advisor, Global Head Climate & Energy at Holcim
Sanjin Ploskić
Sustainable Technology Lead at EY
Attila Steinegger
Head of Tech4Sustainability at WWF
Anik Kohli
Senior Analyst at Inrate
Michal Kulak
Senior SI Analyst, Head of Consumer & Health at Robeco
Michael Haene
Investment Strategist at Pensionskasse der Stadt Zürich (PKZH)
Ulla Enne
Head of Responsible Investing & Investment Operations at Nest Sammelstiftung
Evelyn Dietsche
Head of the Business & Peace programme at Swisspeace
Rachel Whittaker
Head of Sustainable Investment Research at Robeco
Kristina Orehounig
Head of Urban Energy Systems Laboratory at EMPA
Ilonka Zapke
R&D Strategy in Technology & Innovation at Siemens
Stefan Issler
Head Direct Investments – Climate Finance at responsAbility
Patrick Schmucki
Director & Corporate Responsibility Officer at KPMG Switzerland
Andrew Karim
Senior Manager & Deputy Head Public Affairs at Flughafen Zürich AG
Karin Reiter
Global Head of ESG/Sustainability at The Adecco Group
Heather Kirk
ESG Specialist at Vontobel Asset Management
Carmen Murer
Head Corporate Communication at Synhelion SA
Julian Osborne
Founder & CEO at Pelt8
Carmen Sprus
Project Lead at EY Sustainability & EY Carbon
Valerian Stalder
Sustainability Services Co-Lead at BDO
Yannic Steffan
Head of Sustainability Management at Valora
Anita Kirchberg
Head of Sales & B2B at Mobility
Sophie Ribaut
Associate at Kellerhals Carrard
David Schuppisser
CCO of Insolight
Dr. Christian Schaffner
Executive Director at Energy Science Center (ESC) ETH Zürich
Stephan Kellenberger
Senior Advisor Sustainable Finance at WWF Switzerland
Rebecca Berlinger
Sustainability Consultant at BELIEVE
Marina Preyssat
ESG Specialist at Vontobel Asset Management
Karen Luckey
Operational Resilience Global Program Lead at UBS
Bernadette Leuzinger
COO & CFO Crypto Fund AG at Crypto Finance AG