About our Events

Our GreenBuzz events inspire, motivate, educate and bring changemakers together. Over the years, we have hosted hundreds of events and, from our experience, we have found that a casual, friendly and open atmosphere holds the right conditions for networking and sharing knowledge. We have several different event formats and focus on a wide range of sustainability-related topics, including:

Event Formats

Thematic Events

Take a deep-dive into a specific sustainability based theme and get to know stakeholders from across the field. Speak to other members of the audience and listen to inspiring inputs and Q&As from a diverse panel of experts on the subject. We have designed our Thematic Events to allow for ample time for networking with people who are also passionate about the event’s topic. Previous topics have included biodiversity, building innovation, water, agriculture and supply chains, blockchain, sustainable finance, impact investing, food waste and many more! Have a look at our past events here!

Price  55 CHF  Includes a vegetarian/vegan Apéro riche, alcoholic & non alcoholic drinks

Networking Events

These events are for those who would like to meet the GreenBuzz community, chat and make connections with like-minded people. Our Networking events have a loose overall theme with one or two expert speakers, but their main purpose is to provide an easy-going atmosphere to share ideas and casually network with the GreenBuzz community.

Price  35 CHF  Includes a vegetarian/vegan Apéro and alcoholic & non alcoholic drinks

Social Drinks

We will help you meet new people by making introductions. There is no formal content, we occasionally have a short input from one of our members or partners.

Price  Free, usually held at a Bar or restaurant, food and drinks not included


Workshops are both educational and a place where you can develop your soft skills. Learn from experts on specific topics using real world case studies and best practices. From linking cards with specific information about our planet to learn about climate change, to working in small teams to create a sustainable business model, our workshops take a number of forms.

Price  Varies depending on length, venue and content. Approx 195 CHF with discount for members


We arrange visits to factories, art galleries, production facilities and even to hydro electric plant ! to deepen our understanding and knowledge of sustainability. These are a great way to get to know people in our network through a shared experience.

Price  Varies depending on fixed costs