Members & Partners Event – Farewell, Stephen & Welcome, Lim!

We invite our members and partners to bid farewell to our President, Stephen, who has been an important part of GreenBuzz for many years. Stephen and his wife are embarking on an exciting new chapter in Canada, and we want to gather to celebrate his invaluable contributions with us. We are excited to announce that […]

SOLD OUT – Annual Summer Party – Come Buzz With Us!

We are delighted to invite you to celebrate summer in Zurich with us. We have a huge challenge ahead to make sustainability the new normal in business, but GreenBuzz is on a mission and we are happy to have so many new members and partners on board with us. This is our 13th summer party! […]

Social Event: Buzzing at DAR!

Whether you have met someone at a GreenBuzz event and would like to reconnect or if you haven’t joined us before and would like to meet our network, then this event is for you. We will introduce you to like-minded professionals in Zurich to help you expand your connections. We will meet in the airy […]

Networking Event Series: Tech for Scope 3

This event is part of the Networking Event Series powered by Innosuisse. Join us to explore the intersection of technology and sustainability in the context of Scope 3 emissions. We will discuss some case studies for measuring, managing, and mitigating Scope 3 emissions, with a particular focus on the role of technology in facilitating this […]

Thematic Event: Building a Circular Future – The Right to Repair

In an era of rapid technological advancements and disposable consumer culture, the Right to Repair movement has gained significant traction worldwide. This movement seeks to empower consumers by granting them the legal right to repair their electronic devices and appliances, challenging the prevailing trend of planned obsolescence and promoting a more sustainable future.  GreenBuzz Zurich […]

Networking Event Series: Biodiversity Reporting Frameworks

This event is part of our Networking Event Series powered by Innosuisse (German version below).  Join us as we discuss the pivotal topic of the Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) and its potential impact on our planet’s biodiversity. With a critical lens, we discuss both the promises and criticisms surrounding TNFD, while addressing […]

Scope 3 Event Series: Beyond Borders – Protecting human rights in global supply chains

With more than 450 million people working in supply chain-related jobs, it is crucial that we address the environmental and social impacts associated with complex global supply chains. The current globalized economy requires businesses to source goods and services from suppliers that often span multiple countries with radically different legal, regulatory, and environmental practices. While […]

Thematic Event: Leveraging Data in Sustainability Reporting for Competitive Advantage

The situation in the EU regarding sustainability reporting is evolving rapidly. There is a growing emphasis on corporate sustainability and transparency, with a focus on the environmental, social, and governance aspects of business operations. The EU has taken significant steps to establish a comprehensive framework for sustainability reporting to drive sustainable practices across various sectors […]

Networking Event Series: Net-Zero Tech Drinks

This event is part of our Networking Event Series powered by Innosuisse. Join us, along with our event partner Bluelion, on October 18th, for an evening of inspiration, innovation, and sustainability. This event is part of our Scope 3 Event Series focusing on technology. We are excited to present tech start-ups that are leading the […]

Thematic Event: Driving Towards Zero Emissions – The future of sustainable mobility

Approximately 40% of Switzerland’s domestic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are attributable to mobility, making it vital that we prioritise the decarbonisation of the transportation sector. However, ensuring a secure, dependable and cost-effective transportation infrastructure that meets the needs of individuals and businesses is crucial for the economic and social welfare of the country. In partnership […]