Informal Drinks: SDG16 in Times of Conflict – Should it matter to business?

“There is no sustainability without peace, and no peace without sustainability.” – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 16) Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, we said that GreenBuzz would examine the link between war & sustainability and why promoting positive peace is so important. On September 8th, we will therefore host informal drinks to talk […]

Excursion: Tour Through The Circle – Switzerland’s Largest Green Building

The Circle at Zurich Airport meets the highest environmental standards for construction and operation. It is not only LEED Platinum certified but also fulfils Minergie standard – join us at this tour through Switzerland’s largest green Building and see what is possible! The building sector, especially in Switzerland, carries a great responsibility in our journey […]

Networking Event Series: Pensions, Sleeping Giants?

This event is part of our Networking Event Series powered by Innosuisse. Pension funds in Switzerland manage around 1,350 billion Swiss francs (Klima-Allianz). Without getting much attention, pension funds are among the largest and most influential investor groups and can steer the companies in which they invest. So join us to talk about these sometimes […]

Thematic Event: Digitalization as a Key to Decarbonization?

Digitalization is a megatrend, with many seeing data as being the new number one raw material. Much hope is placed on digital innovations to solve some of the major challenges of our time, such as decarbonization, creating transparency along supply chains and more. Is digitalization really the key to making net zero a reality? What […]

Thematic Event: Science-Based Targets Initiative

Launched in 2015, the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) was one of the first frameworks for corporate emission reduction target setting in line with climate science, an impactful tool to drive net zero ambitions. The SBTi was formed by the Carbon Disclosure Project, the United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide […]

Thematic Event: Employee Mental Health

The mental health of employees is a core piece to a company’s sustainability. As such, it represents an important pillar in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) because, as the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges, “there can be no health or sustainable development without mental health.” In fact, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 promotes […]

Workshop: Successful B2C Communication – Or is it just greenwashing?

Many companies are working on their sustainability strategies with renewed purpose. They are driving innovation and moving forward in becoming carbon neutral, delivering their sustainability goals, investing in impact funds or participating in the circular economy. However, to be successful businesses must communicate this effectively and simply to their consumers. More than ever consumers are […]

Thematic Event: COP27 – Let’s talk about solutions!

Every year, thousands of representatives from business, government, academia and NGOs from all over the world meet to discuss climate change at COP (Conference of Parties). Previous COPs led to the Kyoto Protocol, which was signed in 1997, and the Paris Agreement of 2015. Both agreements had a significant influence on climate protection and are […]

SOLD OUT – Networking Event Series: ESG vs. Sustainability

This event is part of the Networking Event Series powered by Innosuisse. We are inviting you to join us in addressing the question: ESG vs. Sustainability – Are we measuring the right things? In less than 20 years, the ESG movement (Environmental, Social & corporate Governance) has grown from a corporate social responsibility initiative – […]

Christmas Buzzing – Let’s end the year together!

GreenBuzz invites members, partners and those keen to get to know us to join us for a Christmas buzzing to end the year together! This year, we are asking for your support. GreenBuzz has brought to you 20+ events this year on topics including EU taxonomy, energy transition, sharing economy, digitalisation and many more. However, […]

SOLD OUT – New Year’s Event: Sustainability Trends of 2023

Let’s start 2023 with a positive mindset and bring hope for new opportunities – just like we did at the beginning of 2022! Our last New Year’s Event was such a buzzing success that we decided to build on it. Together with you, we want to highlight the most relevant and pressing sustainability trends of […]

SOLD OUT – Climate Change & Biodiversity Loss – How do we tackle both?

It is time to put biodiversity back on the agenda again! Join us and WWF on February 28th, 2023, to discuss this important issue. Biodiversity loss has been pushed out of the global agenda by climate change, even though both issues are closely linked, have similar impacts on human welfare and need to be tackled […]

SOLD OUT – Members-Only Informal Drinks – Meet the new Managing Director!

We warmly welcome our members and partners to meet us for this Informal Drinks event! We warmly welcome our members and partners to meet our new managing director, Johannes Pokorny. Johannes has been involved in the performing arts business working for promoters, agencies, orchestras and international art networks in different countries. What has art to […]

Scope 3 Kick Off Event – The inescapable giant in reaching net zero

We are excited to kick off our Scope 3 Event Series with our Partner, Siemens! With our Scope 3 Event Series, we aim to address the significant challenges companies face in achieving net zero along their entire value chain (Scope 3). In this first event, we want to give a general overview of what Scope […]

SOLD OUT – Networking Event Series: ESG Scores Drinks

This event is part of our Networking Event Series powered by Innosuisse! ESG scores and rankings are becoming increasingly important to companies and investors. They have also reached the public sphere: Last year, the fact that some oil companies performed better on ESG rankings than Tesla made a big splash. Join this Informal Drinks event […]

SOLD OUT – Thematic Event: Future of Food – How to feed 8 billion sustainably?

By 2050, we will have to feed 10 billion people, and our current food systems are not up to the challenge. While demand is ever-increasing, resources are in decline. It is a vicious cycle that is further exacerbated by unsustainable agricultural practices and food systems that have negative effects on biodiversity, the environment and our […]

SOLD OUT – Networking Event: Careers in Sustainability

Are you interested in a career in sustainability? Would you like to create positive change with your job? Or are you simply interested in learning about other people’s sustainability journey? Demand for sustainability professionals is at an all time high. In recent years, we have seen an unprecedented number of companies and institutions making commitments […]

SOLD OUT – Informal Drinks – Join the Buzz!

Are you enjoying being part of the Buzz? Or if you haven’t joined us before and would like to meet our network, then this event is for you. We will introduce you to like-minded professionals in Zurich to help you expand your connections. The event is free for all to join, so please buy your […]

Thematic Event: Loss & Damage Fund – A step towards climate justice?

​​Those who contribute the least to greenhouse gas emissions often end up bearing the brunt of climate impacts. This is why, for many, the “loss and damage” caused by climate change is at its heart an issue of climate justice. Climate justice is more than a moral issue. It is an economic issue. At COP27 […]

Informal Drinks: Greenwashing

In 2021, the oil giant Shell announced its aim to spend between $2 billion and $3 billion per year on renewables and energy solutions. It also reported having directed 12 percent of its capital expenditure to these areas. However, international NGO Global Witness claims that the company directed just 1.5 percent of its capital expenditure […]