Thematic Event: Collaboration models to accelerate climate action in humanitarian settings

Climate change affects every aspect of people’s lives, both creating and exacerbating humanitarian crises around the world. Warming of the atmosphere, ocean and land – driven by human activity – is causing climate variations and extremes all over the world, with over three billion people living in places that are highly vulnerable to climate change. […]

Informal Drinks: SDG16 in Times of Conflict – Should it matter to business?

“There is no sustainability without peace, and no peace without sustainability.” – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 16) Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, we said that GreenBuzz would examine the link between war & sustainability and why promoting positive peace is so important. On September 8th, we will therefore host informal drinks to talk […]

Thematic Event: Employee Mental Health

The mental health of employees is a core piece to a company’s sustainability. As such, it represents an important pillar in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) because, as the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges, “there can be no health or sustainable development without mental health.” In fact, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 promotes […]

Thematic Event: Loss & Damage Fund – A step towards climate justice?

​​Those who contribute the least to greenhouse gas emissions often end up bearing the brunt of climate impacts. This is why, for many, the “loss and damage” caused by climate change is at its heart an issue of climate justice. Climate justice is more than a moral issue. It is an economic issue. At COP27 […]

Scope 3 Event Series: Beyond Borders – Protecting human rights in global supply chains

With more than 450 million people working in supply chain-related jobs, it is crucial that we address the environmental and social impacts associated with complex global supply chains. The current globalized economy requires businesses to source goods and services from suppliers that often span multiple countries with radically different legal, regulatory, and environmental practices. While […]